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    October 28, 2013
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ran on friday, possibly a third in connecticut. even the executive director of the agency that would issue has heard of multiple vessels. as far as we know, this is the only one around san francisco. we, like other people, have seen the portland newspaper e. something that looks very much like this. >> larry goldspan confirmed that it is google which has come to his agency several times about this project. but google has been vague. >> when google has visited us, they have been less than specific about what they plan to do with the vessel. >> meanwhile, thetic the giant's super secret project remains on treasure island. while it is hard knolls, bcbc insists it needs more specifics and the agency is september crystal the project has to be on the water. >> we shouldn't use the bay as a lost opportunity for that which can be done land because
the bay is special. and we need to insure that whatever this permit is applied for actually fits into what the bay should be used for. >> well placed sources have told kpix 5 google's plan is to use the vessel as a floating mobile marketing and retail center for ghoul glass. ghoul's wearable computer that looks like half a pair of eyeglasses. it would be google's way of outdoing apple's signature retrail stores. google would start by towing the barge and docking at at fort mason. one way ghoul might be able to solve the permit problem is fort mason isn't the only place it plans to dock the barn. a barge is meant to not only float but be towed. but larry goldspan says it is not quite that simple. there has been some speculation that if they only keep it 30 days at fort mason and move 30 days to oakland, they are not keeping it in any one spot. it is a unique water-only purpose. they couldn't do that on land.
>> the question is it a water only purpose? we don't know what the purpose of this vessel is and so we don't know if this vessel's purpose is truly her time related or whether it is not her time related. so that has to be discovered as part of permit process as well. >> and unless google plans to finish construction and leave the bay altogether, goldspan says it still will have to get a permit. there is no time frame for completing there was barge but more time that depose by, the more the bacon service and development commission seems like it will be pressing for answers. we did try to contact google, but no response. >> is this a marketing ploy by them? someone is going to start asking questions and it is the mysterious google project. >> it could be. i asked about whether there is is precedent like anything like this. larry told me there was proposal. they wanted to put a sale boat out on the bay and project commercials up on the sail. it would not need a permit
because the sailboat moving. >> but the project never happened. >> i think the guys thrown at google are just sitting back there laughing right now. good job. thanks. at 6:00, the warriors haven't left oakland, but there is excitement in san francisco. hundreds of fans and business leaders broke bread together as if the new waterfront arena is already a done indictment as our phil matier is saying, some are saying not so fast. phil. >> reporter: that's right. again, it has to do with the bay. again, it has a controversy about use. only this one got the sports edge. here is the story. >> the warriors are definitely a team on the move. today, in fact, at their fan kickoff luncheon, it looked as if they were already moving out of oakland over the bridge and into the billion dollar arena they hope to build on san francisco's waterfront. >> it's pretty obvious why you would be attracted to it.
>> others are saying not so fast. there is no question that the basketball arena being proposed by the warriors is trojan horse in a mega real estate entertainment deal that will overwhelm the southern waterfront. >> a deep that includes a shopping mall, a 17 story condominium complex and a hotel. >> that is not basketball. that's real estate in the billions. >> there are also concernens and traffic along the already busy waterfront. >> we all know the embarcadero is struggling to deal with traffic today. there are nolan for public transportation other than planning. >> we're working on all of it. the city is working on all of that. it's coming soon. >> there is also the cost. already estimated at $1 billion and greg. >> it is a big number.
>> we plead the decision we're going to do it. >> you only live once. >> meanwhile, back in oakland. >> they just had their kickoff lunch in san francisco. it none oakland. >> yeah. uate's still here. the contract is through 2017 here. i think they want to two to san francisco, but there are too many hurdles. they haven't ironed all those issues out. >> in the meantime, the warriors are always putting a couple million dollars into their arena. it comes to money. there doesn't seem to be a shortage. the question is can they get the political approval to get the arena built here. liz. >> yeah, phil. the owners seem pretty confident. what are the chances of this thing winding up on the ballot? >> absolutely. probably. of course. why not. it would give us something to talk about, give the town something to argue about. hey, knock gets done here without a fight. and this isn't going to be an
exemption. >> all right, phil. thank you. california likes to brag about its prograve climate policy. now our state's neighbors are helping create a regional pow r. for clean energy. ryan takeo reports, a plan could bring the area more money for going green. ryan. >> ken t that's right. that's what leaders hope. california and british columbia, they will not change their climate change policies. washington and oregon, they will increase theirs so it's landfall. the plan sets up goals for reduce carbon emissions but also sets up a united front on north america's west coast. >> if you're looking for attention, it helps to have some heavy hitters. california governor jerry brown welcomed governors from oregon washington state and british columbia's prime minister of the environment. their annoyancement was clear. they are teaming up on clean energy like wind and solar. >> so that we the regionally take advantage of the jobs. >> uc berkeley energy professor
says the plan is to find power in numbers. when you add the states and canadian province together, they make a driving force behind the world's fifth largest economy. they say pooling resources should entice more manufacturers. >> we could scale it up even more by being a regional player and compete with china in terms of manufacturing, with europe in terms of deploying. there is know national u.s. climate policy build and there is not one coming soon. they had to make their own policies. but today, several teamed up and these big names sure did talk a big game. >> simply put, i don't think it's too much to say that on the west coast we intend to design the future not to wreck it. many, steps need to be taken. as we tie together all these initiatives we begin to chip away at carbon emissions. >> reporter: if you read between the lines at today suppress conference t announcement was definitely an
attempt to attract other western states who have been slow to this climate change. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the experts they california's cap and trade market has already made more than $1 billion in just about a year. those posed to these regulations have argued the regulations mean higher prices for customers. a delaware judge rule today that ghoul can move forward with its plans for a stock split. the plan for issue rag new class of nonboat stock was collage by some shareholder. testimony idea was to insure google cofounders retain control of the company. as a concession, google agreed to provide a price support that compensates owners of the new stock. if it is worth less than existing stock after a year of trading. appled to said its profits have panel in the fourth quarter. the company says its net income total 7 and a half billion enough to beat wall street expectations. but it is down if 8.2 billion at the same time last year.
however, apple did see a small gain in sales. 44%, thanks to the popularity of the iphone. despite a slight dip in aver hours trading apple stock is up 25% since july. the sonoma county sheriffs today identified the deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy last week. he is 48-year-old eric
gelhouse. the sky was black. the flames were huge. they were shooting out the top floor of the building and kind of over the building next to it. >> the fire damage four buildings in all. nobody was hurt and the cause is not known at this time. san jose police say drinking and driving is behind a crash that left a 626-year- old woman dead this morning. the driver, 27-year-old monika john so of campbell has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter and felony drunk driving. according to accomplish johnson plowed into the victim and garage door smashing it in. candle stick sandra rose-buck was pronounced dead on the scene. police say the two women knew each other, but did not say if they were friends. the marks the 34th traffic fatality for san jose this year. you might be paying more
for groceries. why crooks are causing you to pay more for meat. >> i have a sweet tooth. so that's why way of getting a little bit of sweetness without the calories. how this new device is a breath of fresh airplane for smokers trying to kick the lab. >> reporter: for the first offal, we were sailing along. then came wind gust. cold outside. cloudy for some. snowing in the mountains. what's coming up next? i'll have the answer, next. ,,
someone is stealing the product straight from the fields. new tonight, beef prices
are rising. reporter ron jones tells us it is because someone rawsling castle from rancherring. >> state officials are really concerned about the greg problem of cattle rustling and how it may effect you at the grocery store. >> cattle rustling is something people think would happen in the old west. >> just ten oldfield is are central valley rancher who also represents the california cattlemen's association. >> you're not in this business because it makes a lot of money. >> he says criminals, aka rustlers can get up to $1,500 a head per head of cattle causing ranchers to lose thousands a year. it is similar to the underground copper recycling market. >> what is problematic is they gate 100% of the profit when they sell the animal. >> they try to protect their beef with branding, but rustlers target new-born calves before they are marked. last year 10,400 cattle was
reported stolen or missing. that number is up 36% from 2001. >> we're still rustlers. >> danny johnson says a combination of rustling and the recent loss of tens of thousands of cattle to harsh weather conditions could effect your grocery's budget in the near future. >> we buy a little bit of that. it will be effecting the price ray cross the board. >> ron jones for kpix 5. >> the california cattleman's association says governor brown just signed new legislation to impose harsher penalties against arrested cattle raws lars. san francisco's city supervisor set to introduce a ballot measure that would tax all sugar beverages sold in the city. if voters approve soda tax, a 24-cent tax would be added to every can of soda sold in san francisco. the money will help fund health and nutrition programs for
children and would generate $31 million in revenue. paul, it seems leek it has been forever since we had some real weather to talk a. now we have winds and cooler temperatures. >> reporter: it all comes at once. bm, then comes sunday, front. wind gusts every where. saw about 30 to 40 miles per hour wind gust at a minimum. some of you got to 75. high winds, big problems around the b. let's take you to antioch. a woman thought an earthquake shook her home. turn out a tree pierced through the roof of her sister's home. in tracy, the wind flipped over six trucks. make matters worse, a lot of dust out there, too. >> it does. that is the wish shoe people are talking about. the dust is like they are driving in the fog. it becomes like black wall in front of you. >> also, in emeryville the wednesday took down some metal scaffolding covering the front of the nike store on bay treatment windy every where in the bay area. now i have to talk about the
mountains in the sierra. getting a glimpse of the first snowfall of the season. rob mcalister headed up to the mountains to check it out. >> almost a foot of snow here. made for a very fun day. >> i love it it's nice. it's fresh. >> white snow flurries whipping around is about 7,000 feet as the snow was coming down this afternoon. s the office, though, a clear pathway for travelers. >> makes you a little nervous. you have to be kind of careful and slow down. >> for stores such as these, it was a welcome sight. >> it is a chain. that's recall. >> travelers could get a few shots on their camera phone. >> it was beautiful. as nice. you could see like amazing. >> while this offers majestic views along highway 50, locals would like to see more of this snow as they hope to rebound in sales after a sluggish season
last year. >> rob, thank you. guess what, there is more snow in the forecast. i'm looking at several inches of snowfall all throughout the ski resorts. tahoe, morning snowshowers tomorrow. check out the high. only 40. high pressure begins to build back in on wednesday. sunny and milder conditions. high of 51 degrees. live web cam the inches of new snow over the past six hours. 6200feet. go up to 8200 feet toward the summit, 10 inches of new snow over the past 24 hours. look at that beautiful sunset. mount vaca. this time next week the sun will go down a couple minutes after 5:00 because we fall back this weekend. san jose, an increase in clouds. look at these highs today. the wind died down. we had a very chilly afternoon. oakland you hit 63. san francisco, a windy 59 degrees. tonight, cold.
north bay. santa rosa 38. freemont, redwood city. san francisco down to 45 degrees. 50s and 60ss for the trick or treaters coming up on thursday. highs tomorrow low 60s. that's it. some of you cooler than today. concord 62. redwood city 62. san francisco only 58 degrees. fall is here. wednesday, a little bit milder. thursday, we're back to the 70s. nice day for trick or treaters. mild and sunny on saturday. another front, not as cool as this one. it will cool us down.
one thing absent from all of this, rain around here. >> yeah. >> even when this front moves through, we had the wind but no rain. >> hopefully it's coming. >> thanks, paul. still, a device developed in a bay area garage helping smokers kick the habit. >> the restroom was out for situation months. the troubling thing we learned about the own of the bay area care home who abandoned the place and left bedridden seniors behind. ,,,,
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. but as kpix 5's mike sugerm tells us -- the guys now ree hing bigger. the start of a dream for a couple college kids trying to make up a way to come with money. >> as exhibition 5's mike sugerman reports, the guys found out they were onto something much bigger. >> reporter: two guys work in a
bay area garage at start of a brand new industry. >> we were in my garage selling electronic sip lets. >> electronic cigarettes, an industry that has caught fire, though no fire is needed. battery-operated vapor producing cigarette alternatives. the 24-year-old rain 20-year- old still uc berkeley undergrads are getting in at large levels. >> we started off in this business to make money. it turned out to be an opportunity to actually help people quit smoking. >> vape secret started just over a month ago. they are putting together the company has they put together the project, sometimes staying up all night filling orders and trying to be college kids at the same time. these cigarettes will be a $1.8 billion industry by tend of the year. these guys say they made a profit 72 hours after they started their company. unless they're blowing smoke.
>> some analyst are bullish on the fact that it might dwarf and eat the traditional cigarette market. >> there is no tobacco. there is nicotine to various d though what i am pumping here has none. it is yet to tap into the bar scene like this one, the vapeing bar in san jose where vape smokers meet up to mingle. it is helping cigarette smokers quit their addiction. >> what do you think of the flavor? >> awesome. >> it is slowly become more popular among young people without the real health effects known and potential public health problems possible. >> ben einstein and young are now among the players in the ecigarettebz although they are barely young enough to buy cigarettes themselves. mike sugerman kpix 5. >> big tobacco is now starting to make its way in the market. coming up, how the owners
who abandoned bay area care home are tied to another troubled assisted living facility. >> it was a great car. move on. what a celebrity chef says about the bay area teenager accused of stealing his lamborghini. and, the best halloween apps to help keep your kid safer while they're out trick or treating. ,,,,,,,,,,
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[uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
now at 6:30: the same horror stories... about two senior >> let me put it to you this way, the restroom was out for situation months. now at 6:30, the same horror stories about two different senior care homes. the same owners blamed for the same problems. this came to light over the weekend as the new trouble was at the valley springs manner on apricot way in castro valley that had been the home of more than adonis people until it was abandoned. fix 5's ann notarangelo spoke to a resident at another home run by the same owners, and she also has new details on the investigation. ann. >> reporter: elizabeth, the sheriff's department is trying to track down all of the people who lived here because they are still trying to figure out what happened. >> you can tell that the care of the staff, they were not as
call fid as they could have been to care for the situation. >> even though this neighbor never went inside valley springs manor, she questioned its care for a decade. a month ago, she tried to get the staff to stop a resident who was outside getting grass fires. she got no where and called 911. this past weekend, another 911 call. this time from inside the home and sheriff's deputies discovered 14 patients abandoned except for a few staffers who stayed behind after the facility was shut down last week. >> what i have heard from the circumstances such as they were, just to walk in the smell would be a sure indicator that cleanliness was a big concern. >> the state shut down valley springs on thursday siting a long list of violations from locking residents inside, inadequate amounts of food, sometimes spoiled, improper medications, and roaches and
rodent droppings, urine and feces. >> we had no food, no heat, no water. let me put it to you this way, the restroom was out for six months. >> he is talking about his situation last year in oakland at another home once run by the same owners. they were forced out and age song took over. >> they were so far out of compliance. that's why they were being threatened to shut down. >> christina flores said when her team took over the quinn inoperable and the residents were eating canned food. in that case, eight residents were left behind. >> they were abandon by the licensee and their administrator. >> we were unable to contact the people who run valley springs, but their attorney talked to kpix 5 as long as we didn't show his face. >> her commitment to caring for folks is evidenced by the fact that she has all these ssi
residents here that nobody else is willing to take. >> i know that they were under investigation and i know they were being monitored. i don't know why it takes as long as it does for them to get shut down. >> reporter: the sheriff's department does expect that this will be a long investigation. elizabeth, it's too late to say whether or not charges will ever be filed. >> where did all the residents go? >> reporter: they are trying to figure that out because some left saturday. they don't know where they are. they left on their own accord. some are being taken to the hospital while they wait for other placement. the really sad thing is people who run age song said they have extra beds. elizabeth, they say they could have probably taken these patients in. >> wow. all right, thank you. syllabary chef guy fieri took the stand in the case of a marin county timer accused of
steal his $250,000 lamborghini. as exhibition 5's linda yee tells us the hot car just part of -- kpix 5's linda yee tells us, the car is only part of the problem. >> there is an even big on the table besides the car. >> that bigger issue, teenager max wade on trial for not only saling fieri's lamborghini, but the attempted murder of a girl who spurn his advanced. wade called himself invincible according to the prosecutor. >> a high risk, dangerous, media-worthy crime h. did so for no other apparent reason than to get to be with the girl. >> he spent more than five
minutes on the -- fieri spent more than five minutes on stand. >> for me, i was surprised i was that short. i just wanted to keep it straight and to the point. let's wrap this up. >> wade is accused of going to a does he recall ship to steal fieri's fancy sports car in 2011. >> this defendant executes a hollywood style mission impossible style burglary. >> fieri says he understands wade's flare for the dramatic to get his hands on that car. >> probablier guy wanted to have a lamborghini one day. i got to fulfill it. i'm of it. >> fieri says he never got his lamborghini b but his insurance took care of it when he reported it stolen. in the meantime, the defense never put on any witnesses. only in their loading arguments, the defense attorney said the prosecution never proved her case. in san after relationship linda yee kpix 5.
>> linda tells us just a short time ago she found out the jury will get that case tomorrow. a santa clara man pleaded no contest today to charges he threatened a state senator. he faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced. prosecutors say he was angry over a legislation proposed by leland yee that would have band assault rifles. when they went to his home they found bomb making material and numerous illegal weapons. we're getting our first look at the woman who police say is responsible for two dui deaths. police say the 54-year-old hit and killed two pedestrians last week in menlo park. the couple were walking their dog along the street when they were killed thursday evening. their deaths have left three teenagers orphaned. the suspect has a prior drunk
driving conviction. she is now facing manslaughter and felony dui charges. a strict new abortion law in texas has been rule unconstitutional and will not take effect tomorrow as planned. the texas attorney general argued a law that protects women. a federal judge struck it down saying the law did not do enough to protect women and restricted a woman's access to an abortion. state officials are expected to appeal the proposed regulations were among the toughest in the nation. more international outrage tonight as the delegation of european diplomats demands answers about nsa spies. they came to washington to talk about those spying allegation. spain was added to the list of aged u.s. allen martin lies. a spanish newspaper reported the nsa monitored 60 million phone calls there in just one month. diplomats say today's meeting was not enough. >> we got answers. we weren't satisfied but we got answers. >> you have the feeling that
your closest allen martin lies are spying on you. it is difficult to talk in an open way anymore. >> germy is demanding a u. n. resolution to protect the privacy of electronic communications. they are partnering with brazil. it will be the strongest condemnation of u.s. spying to date. still ahead, scared your kiddest won't be safe this halloween. the high-tech too manies that prevent the night from becoming really scary. >> it was just the tip of a complete dinosaur skeleton. how a california's teenager's accidental discovery changed a long-standing belief about this prehistoric
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topping the consumer r sew how reliable is the car that you're driving? on our consumer watch, julie watts tells what plaintiffers are topping the reliability rankings. >> reporter: this is based on what subscribers think, their opinion. and experience with more than a million vehiclest. all of the top picks happen to be foreign. in the large upscale category, the lexus es takes the top spot. the rx is the top luxury suv. the subaru legacy is the most reliable mid-sized car. the company's forester tops the small suv list. the honda significant sick the pest subcompact. toyota wins out in four other categories but separately loses three recommendations which consumer reports decided to revoke for the camry, the rav 4 and the wagon based on crash tests. and obamacare is getting poor reviews from some of the people it's intended to helicopter open. new survey finds only one in 10
uninsured americans say the affordable care act is improving their health insurance situation. the say also finds despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent promoting the program, 47% of uninsured americans say they don't know where to get information or how it will effect them. now, on the positive side, most americans are showing interest in bay -- obamacare. while halloween is a fun night for kids, it can be extra scary for parents. a couple new apps are aimed at taking a bit of that fright out of the night. gps based apps keeps tabs on the wolframly. if kids go their separate ways, the app allows families to share real time locations like mess annals like come home or enough candy. come home. the id app allows parents to create digital profiles for children with information like
height, weight or photos just in case a child does go missing. perfect for the very protective parent, there is a pumpkin carving app that allows little ones to carve on the ipad foregoing knives and whole mess. >> perfect. >> whatever happened to this, taking the kid by the hand and maybe walking them to the house? is that gone now? >> well, you know 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds, they want their freedom. >> they are all dressed in costumes so it is easy to sort of lose your kid in the mix. >> julies thank you. a california teenager accidentally unearths the fossil of a prehistoric plant eat. how his discovery teaches us something about dinosaurs that we never knew before. >> reporter: the low yesterday. oakland, a 51 miles per hour wind gusts. winds are calming down. we will talk about what's next
weather-wise right on into november, coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. i have no 2009 share with you, but coming up the pga is coming to the bay area. and, two big events to raise money for education. that's all coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
world. cbs reporter louisa hodge s us the rare fossil, accideny unearthed by a c it's the buzz of the dinosaur world. >> cbs reporter luissa hodge shows us the rare fossil accidentally unearthed by a california timer. >> this fossil of dinosaur nicknamed joe is the most complete skeleton ever found for a plant eating dinosaur. it's also the youngest and smallest of its kinds. but for these elementary students, it left big impression. >> it he -- he told us we were going to be the first to see it. >> what did you think? >> that's awesome. >> a high school student found fossil on an excavation dig in southern utah. >> he spotted a piece of bone, called me over. i ignored it. i thought it was a fragment. but then we later learned it was the tip of a nearly
complete dinosaur skeleton. >> it took 1300 hours of work to remove rock from the bone. that's after the channeling process of dig up the skeleton. >> we couldn't just carry it out. the ground was way too rugged. it was way too heavy. so we had to get a helicopter to lift it up. >> scientist say this baby dinosaur was less than a-year- old. about 6 feet long, and they say it changed the perception they had of this plant-eating dinosaur. >> one of the things we learned from the skull of this dinosaur named joe is that they didn't look at all like the adult animals. where they did you recalls had a giant tube-like crest on top of their heads, our little specimen only had a little bump that later grew into the crest. >> from 3d models, the scans of the baby dinosaur is now the most complete digitally assessable dinosaur to date. the high school's discovery of joe left an imprint on the knowledge scientist have about the evolution of dinosaurs.
in clairmont, luissa hodge, kpix 5. >> what is the kid's name? >> joe. is it the joeasaur. >> come on. >> he didn't get anything out of this. >> major texans credit. >> he better get extra points for that. rocking and rolling around here. >> that's right. >> reporter: got very storm country very quickly. all we got is front moving through. little cloud cover enveloping our camera. 4,000feet of mount hamilton. lots of cloud cover wrapping around. mostly clear to mostly cloudy over the past hour. live look over the santa clara valley. we will not, however, have any rainfall. here is a live look outside from the oakland touchdown. dark early this time next week the sun will be down newspaper minutes after 5:00. speaking of as, san francisco 55. currently 57 degrees in livermore. santa rosa t warm spot, if you wish dual it that f. you thought it was stormy here, take a look at what's going on
in europe a. storm enveloping all of europe including brussels, belgium. a woman was literally knocked over. wind gusts topped 80. even stronger than what we had around here in just about every major city in europe lad damage from that wind storm that moved through yesterday. for us right now, it is still snowing in the sierra. hallelujah for the snow. we could use that. we have it today, up to a foot of snowfall. the highest elevations today and tonight. tomorrow night, we will be under a frost advisory in the authority bay and mountains a. freeze warning is in effect. everyone in the b even right on the water we will be as cool as the mid 40s coming up tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, it will be a chilly day at iron house elementary school elementary. p forward slash cool cast is the place to go.
strong area of low pressure made a very close pass to the bay area yesterday. it is beginning to move away but sitting and spinning over central nevada. that's why the moisture is wrapping around but it is not close enough to us to give us rain. thursday, trick or treating. kids will be knocking on yourda. we don't want it too code. it won't be as high pressure building back in starting thursday. nights will be chilly for the next several. highs will be in the 60s for the next several. milder weather does move in for halloween. look at the highs tomorrow. 10degrees below average for livermore. 12degrees below normal for san jose. hayward 59. antioch 62. pleasanton, 62. a chilly brisk 58 degrees in the city with a high of 60 tomorrow. extended forecast, lots of sunshine, no rain.
warmer on thursday. warmer for the first do i have november on fridays. another front will likely cool us back down starting p sunday. that is your kpix 5 forecast. we've got sports, next. ,,
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dennis o'donnell is on location tonight with this sports report. dennis. >> thank you, kenny. we're honoring a legendary football coach who passed away earlier this week. this is a big week for raising money. the best golfers on the champions tour will go for the sports title. meanwhile, just down the road in san mateo, they held a sixth annual stroke of genius pro . after passing away in 2005, his wife revealed he had a third grade reading level. news that came as a complete shock to his golfing counterparts including two-time major champion david stockton. >> i should have known because george and i were in japan and donna wasn't there. how in the heck he got all the way to japan, i don't know. george and i, when you play
tournaments in japan they stop every six holes and have like a little money any lunch break i would use the restroom, came out of it. all the direction were in japanese. george goes in behind me. all of a sudden i hear this crash and this thud. he had a line of water down his chest. he had been checking everything out. obviously, the directions are in japanese. it wouldn't have helped him. forget about learning english. >> last month, lions receiver lost control after he tried to save his pizzas from falling off the passenger seat. the good news is he's unlikely to make the same misstake again. he tweeted out that the pizza company is providing him with a year's worth supply of pete virginia. and, if you were busy arguing about an on call this weekend, here is what you missed.
>> go. go. go. >> translation, michael bradley scored the game winner. fantasy football owners every where are trying to add marvin jones. four touchdowns total in his first 18 games. cincinnati blew doubt new york 49-9. there is no such thing as an assist in the nfl. or is there? tip to his teammates. patriots out score the dolphins to win by sew. you know the saying, third time is the harp. well, it was true for miami's stacy corley. >> in the shotgun. read option. he will go to the 15, 10, 20, 30.
he may go. they are not going to catch pryor. 20, 10, 5, touchdown raiders. >> the great voice of craig papas. the 93-yard have you been a new nfl record. longest ever by a quarterback. the traders only a game outset wild card spot. who would have thought. joining me is san francisco's strait president les wong. the need for helping people get educated even when they have mental challenges. this is in honor of big rowen to help people educate at san francisco. >> he was a legend on cam p. i regret not having the chance to meet him but heard close to four decades the he was an inspiration for student athlete, for football players, for students in general. he is just a wonderful emblem
for the university. >> san francisco state, tough economic times. difficult to get educations. >> clearly, we want to make sure that students who want an education have that opportunity. they can come to a school with an incredible reputation and they are going to get a great education. rowen, of course, is raising money so we can get kids less fortunate to get educated. >> there is a hall of famer on this broadcast tonight. can you toss back to the great ken bastida. >> ken, there was a lot of talk on how good a golfer you were. i'm hoping to gather some evidence here. >> that was a lie. >> was at one time. >> still waiting for my diploma. >> love it. licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: that's great. you look happening. how you folks? thank you very much. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day from austin, texas--what a good family--it's the murphy family, and from bridgeton, new jersey, it's the russell family. everybody is here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion. yep. let's play "feud." give me dave. give me rochelle. let's go.